There is a story behind each brand,

but it is important how you tell it.

About us

We plan and run quick and effective promotional campaigns to support sales, as well as to build and strengthen the brand image. Thanks to us, companies establish good, authentic relationships with their customers.

The Brand Live Now agency was established in 2015. Initially, it focused on organizing events. Over time, in order to meet the needs of new customers, it began to expand new departments, employing highly qualified specialists. Today Brand Live Now, thanks to the knowledge and experience of its employees, provides its customers with services of the highest quality, tailored to their needs, and helps achieve the assumed business goals.

My name is Anna Korol and I’m the owner of an agency called Brand Live Now. I’m the project and event manager, marketing specialist and modern business practitioner. In my spare time, I like to read, trekking or visit music and film festivals. I gained professional experience in the field of marketing at the Ashdown Academy, which is accredited by the European Marketing Confederation in London. I have also gained experience in Because XM, which is one of the most respected event and marketing agencies in Great Britain. During the 15-year-span of my professional career, I have had the pleasure of working with the world’s largest brands in the food, medical, optical and alcohol industries, helping them spread their message to their target audience. I have been running my marketing and event agency for eight years while supporting Polish entrepreneurs to build their brands on the British market.